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Athletes who use pro-hormones are beginning to see that Testosterone is the choice hormone to supplement when older than 21. In the world we live in, we are constantly being invaded by Exeno-Estrogens. Everything from BPA in our soda, to other chemicals we eat are producing environmental estrogens in our body. Men must increase their testosterone to even out this imbalance of hormones caused by their diet. Having too much estrogen can lead to medical problems, obesity, and sexual dysfunction. Supplementing a pro-hormone can correction this disrupted ratio of testosterone to estrogen.

6 - Recommend?
Again, I feel like the FINAFLEX crew has hit a home run. I've never been let down with anything these guys have sent my way from the time I bust the seals until I throw the bottles away. I would definitely recommend this product. And I'd also recommend it at the 2x daily dose. Lots of guys jumped in to 4x daily and I just don't think it's needed. It was a noticeable boost on the last two weeks of my 6 week run but it was also quite effective at the 2x dosing for the first 4. No need to waste money. Let the supp do it's job.

Anabolicminds finaflex

anabolicminds finaflex