Blasting and cruising on steroids

Theodore Roosevelt was a fiery individualist who embodied American culture of the early 1900s and provided leadership during a time of rapid economic growth. His conservationism, willingness to take on big business and progressive policies set the stage for important reforms of the 20 th century, leading many to characterize him as one of the nation’s greatest leaders. Deeply inspired by the Dakota Territory, Roosevelt is also the father of our National Park System, which protects valuable natural resources for generations of Americans to enjoy.

This quote from the Bahamian Vet who passed on this info.:
This change in rules has come about as a direct result of the distemper outbreak and some other factors. The feeling is that there will always be a level of infection in Nassau as the epidemic is still ongoing at that location. What is interesting is the fact that neither Abaco nor Grand Bahama had distemper outbreaks. The focus of infection seems to be localized to New Providence. The chances of your animals contracting the virus are small. Keep their vaccinations current.

Special Characteristics: Self-righting (if overturned, the vessel will return to an upright position in 30 seconds or less). 110 boats were built, all at the Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay, Maryland, 106 for the Coast Guard and 4 for foreign countries. The first was launched in 1962 as 44300 and the last, 44409 in 1972. To give you some idea, these boats were designed to operate up to 50 miles offshore in 30 foot waves and 20 foot surf close into shore. They have room for 21 survivors below decks and have approximately a 250 nautical mile cruising range. This ship was also designed to tow up to 125 tons. Currently these ships are being used as tow boats, dive boats, fishing boats and of course the other governments around the world are buying them up to use them for rescue operations. They are also being converted for recreational use, with water tight compartments that can hold four crew and up to 21 survivors there is clearly lots of room below deck.

Blasting and cruising on steroids

blasting and cruising on steroids


blasting and cruising on steroidsblasting and cruising on steroidsblasting and cruising on steroidsblasting and cruising on steroidsblasting and cruising on steroids