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Intramuscular Safety: A safety study was conducted in 48 weaned, 20- to 22-day-old pigs. Pigs were administered Baytril ® 100, at , and mg/kg BW by IM injection into the neck once weekly for 3 consecutive weeks. All pigs remained clinically normal throughout the study. Transient decreases in feed and water consumption were observed after each treatment. Mild, transient, post-treatment injection site swellings were observed in pigs receiving the  mg/kg BW dose. Injection site inflammation was found on post-mortem examination in all enrofloxacin-treated groups.

Recently purchased the system that is designed for low pressure well water systems. Was replacing an aging Culligan RO system. The RO-Perm was easy to install - great directions. Took really about an hour since I was using many of the lines and connections from my old system. I couldn't get one of the filter housings to seal properly. Called customer service and they sent the needed replacement parts right away. Fixed the problem. We've had it working for about 2 weeks now. What a difference compared to my old system. The pressure and quantity of the water is a huge improvement. Haven't run out yet even filling large containers for various cooking tasks. And we think it even tastes better than before. Am extremely pleased with the system. Although we'll really know its true quality and reliability only after several years of use. But for now couldn't be happier. Have already talked about it with friends. Appreciate the good product.

Drinking injectable stanozolol

drinking injectable stanozolol


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