Harm minimisation strategies for steroids

This refers to efforts which are made to reduce people's dependence on cars and driving. This refers to efforts which are made to reduce the numbers of cars and drivers. This refers to all the strategies which have been devised to reduce the harms to individuals and the environment from those who drive and those who drive riskily.

  • Bike paths.
  • Public transport.
  • Price of cars.
  • Taxes on petrol.
  • Pool car priority lanes.
  • Media campaigns.
  • Import taxes.
  • Import restrictions.
  • Increase in cost of cars.
  • Pool car priority lanes.
  • 'Park and Ride' provisions.
  • Improvement to public transport.
  • Media campaigns.
  • Lead free petrol.
  • Driver education.
  • Breathalysers.
  • P-plate driver rules.
  • Air bags.
  • Speed cameras.
  • Seat belts.
  • Road design.
  • Bike paths.
  • Media campaigns.
Now consider harm minimisation for drug use in the quiz on the following screen.

Harm reduction is a developmentally congruent approach to the primary and secondary prevention of risky behaviour in the adolescent population. HCPs are well positioned to deliver harm reduction messages to their adolescent patients. Surveys of adolescents have supported the fact that adolescents identify HCPs as credible sources of health information [26] [27] [28] . Acknowledging the adolescent’s role in decision-making about his or her health behaviour is an important component to the provision of this education. Avoiding judgment about potentially risky behaviours enhances the ability of the HCP to deliver important messages about risk reduction.

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Harm minimisation strategies for steroids

harm minimisation strategies for steroids


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