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Zeo drew a circle on the ground around himself, declaring it as his "space", and stated that Brook's bones were going to be crushed to bits if he entered it. Undeterred, Brook started humming a song and passed the circle and Zeo in an instant. As Zeo wondered how Brook got past him, he was then cut down by Brook's "Kasuriuta: Fubuki Giri". As the cold of the attack froze Zeo's blood solid, the fishman fell to the ground, [23] defeated. [24] After the battle for Fishman Island ended, the officers of the New Fishman Pirates were locked up in the palace prison. [25]

Decken used his power to threaten Shirahoshi by sending weapons to both woo and try to kill her, which is why the princess is locked up in her room, as evidenced by the many weapons that are stuck in the tower's door. He also used this power to throw people so they could arrive at Shirahoshi's door and infiltrate the palace. He can also use his powers as a means of locating one of his targets and can even ride on some of the objects he throws, as shown when he threw and jumped on a large piece of coral to find Shirahoshi. He uses his right hand to lock onto Shirahoshi and wanting her as a permanent target, Decken only uses his left hand to switch his secondary targets such as Hatchan and Hody.

Hody jones energy steroid

hody jones energy steroid


hody jones energy steroidhody jones energy steroidhody jones energy steroidhody jones energy steroid