Listeroid diesel kit

The heart of the system is a pair of Outback FX3048 inverters stacked to give 120/240 volt output. The well pump is the only 240v load normally, but there’s a 240v 1-ton minisplit heat pump that could be powered up if necessary. The battery is minimal since I’m on grid. It’s 230 amp-hours, which is a little over 11 KWH at 48v. At 50% depth of discharge there’s a bit over 5 KWH of useable capacity, enough to furnish the base load for a few hours. To go beyond that, plenty of sunshine is needed or a 48v power source of some kind.

Long story short, I spent two weeks researching, cleaning off and aligning timing marks (three of them) and removing access panels and accessories. I would fix this sucker. After all, how hard could it be? Then as I was waiting for the courage to remove what I was sure was the offending pump a man rang my doorbell and asked if I had an Oliver for sale. He needed one. I told him the situation as best I could. He made an offer on the stipulation I put it back together in running condition so he could load it, which I accepted and which I did.

Listeroid diesel kit

listeroid diesel kit


listeroid diesel kitlisteroid diesel kitlisteroid diesel kit