Microscopic colitis steroid treatment

The approach to these disorders is to address correctable factors. Many cases of collagenous colitis respond to elimination of an offending medication. This may require substitution of an alternative medication to address the problems that the offending medication is controlling. Do not stop medications without discussing the risks and benefits with your physician. We are seeing many cases associated with the treatment of reflux/GERD using Proton pump inhibitors. Similarly, NSAID and aspirin discontinuation has resulted in the cessation of diarrhea in many cases of Collagenous colitis/ Lymphocytic colitis in our practice.

The diagnosis of collagenous colitis or lymphocytic colitis is made after tissue samples taken during colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy are examined under a microscope. Collagenous colitis is characterized by a larger-than-normal band of protein called collagen inside the lining of the colon. The thickness of the band varies, so multiple tissue samples from different areas of the colon may need to be examined. In lymphocytic colitis, tissue samples show inflammation with white blood cells known as lymphocytes between the cells that line the colon, and in contrast to collagenous colitis, there is no abnormality of the collagen.

This is how I cured myself of this condition. Although I used many methods, MMS was the most potent protocol I have ever tried to cure myself. MMS is for Miracle Mineral Solution and its 28% Sodium Chlorite. Before consuming it you have to activate it with lemon or lime juice or citric acid for 3 mins. For every drop of MMS add 5 drops of lemon juice (fresh squeezed) and after 3 mins add some water and drink. MMS can be purchased from many sites online. I bought mine from e-bay. MMS is one of the strongest anti-microbials. It kills fungi, parasites, viri, amoebas, mycoplasmas and such stuff. I started from 1 drop daily and reached 15-20 drops daily in 2 weeks. The only herxheimer reactions I had were some nausea and loose stools. Finally, I was able to rid myself of intestinal bleeding, food allergies, intestinal pain etc, in 1 1/2 months of using MMS. I'm now as strong as before UC, don't hurt anymore and see my future positively. I don't drink any MMS anymore but may do that in the near future as a prevention. Please spread the word to others who also suffer from digestive diseases. It's truly a miracle. Special thanks to Jim Humble who found about its use. ps. if you have silver fillings(amalgams)please consider replacing them with composite ones since Mercury leaching from them, won't allow you to recover. BE WELL

Microscopic colitis steroid treatment

microscopic colitis steroid treatment


microscopic colitis steroid treatmentmicroscopic colitis steroid treatmentmicroscopic colitis steroid treatmentmicroscopic colitis steroid treatmentmicroscopic colitis steroid treatment