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On 16 January 2013, exactly one year after the announcement that the band had completed four songs for the album, Bankrupt! was revealed as the title of the fifth album and a teaser was released on the Phoenix website. [23] On 12 February 2013, a redesigned Phoenix website further promoted the Bankrupt! album, with an official release date of 22 April 2013, published on the website's opening page that features an animated writing sequence. A message from the band is written by an invisible hand, while music plays and states, mostly in English, with some French: "Dear all, our new album, Bankrupt!, will be released the week of April 22nd. Here [the word "Here" is a link to the website page that reveals both the album cover art and the track listing] is the track listing as well as the album cover. Much love et à bientôt ["and see you soon"]. Thomas Branco Mazzalai Deck." [24] The cover depicts a color drawing of a peach next to a peach slice, with a pink flower and two green leaves; the track listing included song titles such as the title track, ". in Bel Air", "Bourgeois", and "Oblique City". [25] Consistent updates in relation to the fifth album appeared on the band's Facebook page and, from 12 February 2013, the page reflected the aesthetic of Bankrupt! . On 21 January 2013, the page's cover photo was changed to a straightforward pink and black image in which the words "Phoenix Bankrupt!" were written in large, bold and black capital letters against a plain pink background. [26] This cover photo was then replaced on 12 February 2013 with an image of the word "Phoenix" written in large, bold and white capital letters against a light grey background. [27] A schedule of the major music festivals that Phoenix would perform at in support of the new album was announced and headline positions were confirmed for Germany's Rock am Ring and Rock im Park Festivals, [28] Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival , [29] Primavera Sound , [30] and Lollapalooza . [31] The band also appeared at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis , Tennessee , [32] and appeared alongside acts such as Beyoncé and Nine Inch Nails at the "Made in America" festival during Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia, US. [33]

Phoenix also starred in M. Night Shyamalan 's science fiction thriller Signs (2002). The story focuses on a former Episcopal priest named Graham Hess ( Mel Gibson ) who discovers a series of crop circles in his cornfield. Hess slowly becomes convinced that the phenomena are a result of extraterrestrial life. The film was a massive financial success, grossing $408 million on its $72 million budget, [37] and was received with positive reviews. [38] Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers praised Phoenix's performance, writing "Phoenix registers impressively, finding the humor and the pain in this lost boy". [39]

Phoenix bio pharmaceuticals steroids

phoenix bio pharmaceuticals steroids


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