Steroid cream withdrawal baby

We tried TSW for 9 months. My son was about 9 months old when we started and I came back to steroids when he was 18 months old (after 9 months of TSW). We started with Dr Aron when he was about 22 months of age. From our experience, I would say to go with Dr Aron before trying out TSW or immunosuppressants. There is nothing to lose in this approach. I doubt that everyone that is undergoing TSW actually had TSA. My son is no longer suffering. He enjoys playing and living life just like other children. I don’t have to stop his play to put creams on, I don’t have to carry cool ice packs for itchy monster attack, I don’t wake up to see bloody face and clothes. All I see is my sweet boy full of smiles after a restful sleep. I don’t remember anything milestone wise from his first year. I will forever miss them now. If only I had come across Dr Aron before TSW, our lives would have taken a different course!

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Steroid cream withdrawal baby

steroid cream withdrawal baby


steroid cream withdrawal babysteroid cream withdrawal babysteroid cream withdrawal babysteroid cream withdrawal babysteroid cream withdrawal baby