Vocal cord granuloma steroid injection

Aspiration pneumonia is typically caused by aspiration of bacteria from the oral cavity into the lungs, and does not result in the formation of granulomas. However, granulomas may form when food particles or other particulate substances like pill fragments are aspirated into the lungs. Patients typically aspirate food because they have esophageal, gastric or neurologic problems. Intake of drugs that depress neurologic function may also lead to aspiration. The resultant granulomas are typically found around the airways (bronchioles) and are often accompanied by foreign-body-type multinucleated giant cells, acute inflammation or organizing pneumonia. The finding of food particles in lung biopsies is diagnostic. [12]

Oftentimes, the above strategies help enough that a patient finds these attacks occur less frequently with decreasing severity over time until they altogether stop. Rarely, a benzodiazepine medication will be prescribed for these attacks to help with the anxiety aspect until the strategy is internalized. Working with speech pathology has also been found to be helpful. In certain situations, laryngeal sensory neuropathy (LSN) may be contributing to VCD and treatment geared towards LSN improves VCD. Of course, treatment or avoidance of the trigger whether it be allergy , asthma, medication side effect (ACE Inhbitors) or reflux is important. A typical workup for VCD/laryngospasm include:

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Vocal Cord Paralysis Video   ( Abductor Muscle Paralysis - Weak Voice) This video shows the function  of a larynx with a left true vocal cord paralysis in a 89 year old female with recurrent papillary carcinoma .  The patient had a total thyroidectomy performed 2 1/2 years ago.  During the initial surgery, cancer was stripped off the left recurrent laryngeal nerve.  The patient had a Stage III carcinoma.  She received initial I-131 treatment and then was lost to follow-up .    Search PubMed for Vocal Cord Paralysis

Vocal cord granuloma steroid injection

vocal cord granuloma steroid injection


vocal cord granuloma steroid injectionvocal cord granuloma steroid injectionvocal cord granuloma steroid injectionvocal cord granuloma steroid injectionvocal cord granuloma steroid injection