Zeny a steroidy

i have been completely dependent on colonoscopys. What i mean is.. sometimes i go only 1 WEEK without a bowel movement and im backup. What i mean by backup is i have a stool stuck in my butt, THAT even with an enema, magnesium centrate, go lytly, miralax, any laxative u can think ... nothing budges the stool that wants to come out, but its like my anal says NO ! I usually am admitted threw the and a doctor does a colonscopy and removes the harden stool... that seems to be the only thing to help me relieve ; because i can NOT do it on my self. I pray to find a doctor that can help me with my problem . I am 24 and been dealing with this since 7 years old. I am tired and disgusted. I want a regular life :(.

Zeny a steroidy

zeny a steroidy


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